The Seeding Vitality Arts (SVA) grantees gathered data on participant outcomes pursuant to an evaluation process designed by Touchstone Center for Collaborative Inquiry. Read the full report here.

Several key themes are emerging from this report from Touchstone Center for Collaborative Inquiry:

          1. Older adults put a high value on challenging arts-learning programs designed with their desires and needs in mind.
          2. Confidence, creativity, courage, a sense of purpose, and social and mental engagement all grew in the vast majority of participants.
          3. Cross-sector collaboration requires an investment of time up front – to learn a partner organization’s motivations, culture, needs, norms and even its language.
          4. Diversity, equity and inclusion in programs for older adults require specific intention and attention.
          5. Participants frequently expanded their relationships with the arts organizations offering these programs – well beyond the classes themselves.
          6. Appreciation of the capabilities of older adults grew in participants, audiences and organizations.

High-impact outcomes were reported in post-program surveys of 2,187 participants in the SVA U.S. and SVA MN programs between 2017 and 2019.


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